"Provide our business-clients with superb and exciting flowers and supplies that can transmit that special feeling to their retail clients. "
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Leading Wholesale Florist

We are a leading wholesaler of fresh-cut flowers and florist supplies, with locations in Dallas and Houston. Successfully serving an elite group of florists and special-event designers in the United States since 1999, we have long become well known for our quality, service and expertise in our field. As one of the largest wholesalers of fresh-cut flowers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and with a new location in Houston, we realize that our future success depends highly on our reputation of delivering on our promises.

Exclusive flowers from around the globe

Our higher purpose is to provide our business-clients with superb flowers and supplies that can transmit that special feeling to their final customer. In order to fulfill that unique experience we are sourcing our products from the best farms in the world. Some our best farms are locating in Ecuador,Colombia,Chile,Peru,California,Oregon,Costa Rica,Mexico,New Zealand,Thailand,South Africa, Netherlands and Italy. We are continuing finding new and unique products that will surprise and amaze your clients.

Botanica W. F. (Dallas)

3208 International Place
Irving, TX 75062
DFW Metroplex


Botanica W. F. (Houston)

8383 Commerce Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77036
Greater Houston


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